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In cases of extreme weather conditions , eg. severe high winds , and in the unlikely event of postponing the screening the tickets will remain valid for the replacement date or any other Pop Up Pictures Ltd event in the future. When redeeming tickets at future events, we must be advised via email so we can balance our numbers.


As we are a small boutique independent cinema with large production overheads we kindly ask you to refrain from bringing your own food and drink as delicious food & beverages will be served on site at very reasonable prices. We also have strict licensing conditions to adhere to:-
• Security will not allow drunk patrons into the arena
• Bar staff will not serve alcohol to those who seem to have have had too much
• We have zero tolerance to under age drinking
• Those attempting to purchase alcohol for under 18’s will be ejected.
We are a temporary cinema auditorium and require respect and silence through the screenings – with no control of alcohol consumption we would potentially have to control any subsequent unsociable behaviour and noise nuisance.
Re No food policy.
With respect, just like a festival doesn’t allow you to bring your own food & drink, a pub doesn’t allow you to bring your own alcohol, a restaurant doesn’t allow you to bring your own meals and a cinema doesn’t allow you to bring your own popcorn & soda ! ! We are no different to any other licensed premises so simply kick back & relax , and please enjoy our excellent catering facilities.
Any problems please email us, [email protected]
Outdoor Cinema Norfolk
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